Full Circle Superior is a commitment to Fresh Water that is highlighted by a 1550 mile trek around the lake accomplished by the husband and wife team - Kate Crowley and Mike Link - in 2010. The combination of biological, physical, and cultural research with the adventure of walking around the largest lake in the world was a dramatic experience that Mike and Kate continue to share with photos and stories from the trek.

But their is much more to the commitment. They have been speaking to groups ever since they came back to Duluth and share the joys and the challenges of their journey as well as the knowledge they gained by walking as close to the lake shore as they could. The 21 week experience has aspects that appeal to all audiences and they can be booked for events in your colleges, towns, organizations as well. To get their fees and expenses as well as availablilty for you group contact them by email at mikelink@fullcirclesuperior.org

The website and Facebook will continue to be active places for all who are interested as they concentrate on the stories of Fresh Water all around the world and back ground, photos and video about Lake Superior.


Full Circle Superior, in a nutshell, is a journey around a lake by two people with a passion for adventure and nature. But Lake Superior is not just any old big pond. It holds one-tenth of all surface freshwater in the world, and has a shoreline 1,600 miles long - the length of a road trip between Duluth and Florida. Countless cities and communities depend on it for their water supply, trade, and recreation; for them and others, this body of freshwater is the foundation of economic, societal, and environmental well-being.

In a completed 5-month expedition stretching across 3 states and a Canadian province, naturalists Mike and Kate circumnavigated Lake Superior on foot, hiking as close to the shoreline of the Lake as possible. They undertook not just a personal journey of a lifetime but a scientific expedition: Throughout the hike, Mike and Kate recorded important data about the ecology of the shoreline, the people and places they encountered, the streams they crossed, and the adventure of a lifestyle as focused nomads. They also delivered numerous talks and presentations along the way, and supported by a group of dedicated professionals and organizations, published photographs, writings and thoughts, and eventually their sample data (once it has been consolidated) on this website to share with the world their discoveries, their insights and feelings and dreams.

The world is only beginning to realize the threat posed to all of us by the reduction and pollution of our limited supplies of Water. It is hoped that this expedition will bring to the world a greater knowledge and appreciation of this Element of Life. Though the expedition is complete, we will still be posting articles, photographs, videos online, gathering up all the material that we could not fire up into the internet from remote campsites along the way and presenting them. You are invited to read about their journey and watch out for updates on this website as well as our Facebook page.

We are a registered non-profit! If you would like to support the causes of research, education and environmental conservation around Lake Superior, please consider making a contribution to Full Circle; Sponsors and donors like you are the ones who really help keep us going, and make this expedition a success! We also highly appreciate all the offers of accomodation we received along the way as well as arranged opportunities to speak to communities and groups about a variety of topics, including this lake we have all come to cherish.

Welcome to Full Circle Superior!

Join us for a trip to investigate the south shore this June

The Audubon Center is offering a June trip that Kate and I will lead that includes the Apostle Islands, Porkies, and Keweenaw National Historic Park.

Going Our Way—Ten Days Around Lake Superior By Barb Rang with Pat Eichler Eleven years ago my friend Pat Eichler from Florida and I from Wisconsin traveled to Thunder Bay, Ontario, for a mini-vacation. Since then we have also...

Doing the Mississippi, but looking for speaking engagements.

Our Mississippi River adventures continue, over 1100 miles now done, but we have enjoyed every talk we have given about our walk around the lake and we are open to scheduling more presentations if any of you know groups that would like to bring us in. We have now done 107 presentations in MN and WI.

In the meantime check out our Full Length Mississippi website and Facebook page.

Our Mississippi River adventures continue, over 1100 miles now done, but we have enjoyed every talk we have given about our walk around the lake and we are open to scheduling more presentations if any of...

Full Length Mississippi this year.

Kate and I will be starting our Mississippi River travels March 23. Go to http://fulllengthmississippi.org and our Full Length Mississippi Facebook page to learn more and follow our new adventure.

NorthEast Minnesota Book Awards

Is the presentation of the North East Minnesota book awards. Going Full Circle has been nominated in the memoir category.

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Highlights from Full Circle DVD available!

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From all the video footage of Mike and Kate's 1,555 mile trek around Lake Superior, our videographer Jim has produced a DVD of our highlights to share with..

Full Circle Media Coverage

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Radio, TV, Newspapers, blogs - a chronological archive with all the traditional and online media we are aware of about the hike, including Fox News, Duluth News Tribune, MN Public Radio and the Star Tribune.

Full Circle on Google Earth!

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Google Earth is a free model of Earth viewed from space that allows you to see any place on demand anywhere. We decided to use Google Earth to create a daily composite journal entry of the Full Circle Superior expedition that is updated regularly. You are able to zoom into an area...

Expedition Day 145

Distance Travelled 1555 miles / 2503 km

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Current Location Canal Park Lodge, Duluth Finish Line

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