Who is Edwin

 Edwin Jona

Edwin Jona is a lifelong traveler who recently joined Full Circle Superior Tours. He has been exploring the world since he was a young boy, and his passion for travel has only grown over the years.

Born in London, England, Edwin developed an interest in different cultures and customs from an early age. His parents were avid travelers, so he was exposed to many different places and people throughout his childhood. After graduating high school, Edwin decided to take a gap year and explore Europe. This experience opened his eyes to the beauty of the world and inspired him to continue traveling as much as possible.

Since then, Edwin has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. He loves learning about different cultures through food, music, art, architecture, and more. He also enjoys meeting new people along the way and hearing their stories about life in their respective countries.

When Edwin heard about Full Circle Superior Tours he knew it was the perfect opportunity for him to share his love of travel with others. As a tour guide for Full Circle Superior Tours, he gets to show off some of his favorite places while helping others discover new ones too! He loves introducing people to new experiences that they will never forget.