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How the Great Lakes Were Formed

feature-1The Great Lakes are indeed a rare gift of nature that only science and history could explain. If has been form from the natural process of changes in land mass and topography. Read More→

The Different Great Lakes in North America

feature-2The Great Lakes are a chain of deep freshwater lakes in eastern central North America, containing Michigan, Erie, Lakes Superior, Huron, and Ontario. They are one of the immense feature of the continent and of the earth. Although Lake Biakal in Russia has a bigger volume of water, the combined area of the Great Lakes in the range of 94,250 square miles or 244,106 square kilometers, it represents the biggest surface of fresh water in the world, covering a zone exceeding that of the United Kingdom. Read More→

What Are the Well Know Great Lakes in the World

feature-3Great Lakes are not only found in North America, There are also Well Know Great Lakes Region in Africa that are considered to be of two opposing poles in terms of each climate, floras and faunas. Read More→